Activation Guide

deskPDF Step-by-Step Activation


deskPDF is a PDF authoring tool which converts virtually any non-standard document type into the universally recognized PDF document format standard. The purpose of this guide is to provide an illustrated walk through to assist users unfamiliar with software activation. For information on how to use deskPDF’s features or on deskPDF enterprise deployments, please refer to the appropriate document located on our documentation page.

Activating deskPDF

There are 3 simple steps to activating deskPDF.

Step 1: Verify your currently installed deskPDF version is 2.5 or above.

Ensure you have deskPDF version 2.5 currently installed on your computer. This version is required in order to use the new registration system. You may check your version by viewing the application tab as shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1

Alternatively, if you have deskPDF 2.5 you will see the deskPDF 2.5 programs folder under the Docudesk programs group (Figure 2).

Figure 2

If you do not have the latest version of deskPDF, simply download it from the downloads page.
If you’ve already been provided with an Activation Code, be sure to download the version which corresponds with the product purchased or you will be unable to activate a product which differs from the purchase.
Step 2: Copy Activation Code

After confirming the proper version of deskPDF is installed, you may copy the Activation Code which is provided on both the web page receipt which isprovided following purchase, and the email receipt. The Activation Code presented on the web receipt is highlighted below (Figure 3) and is represented the same way in the email receipt.

Figure 3

Select this Activation Code with your mouse by double-clicking the number until the entire number is highlighted as shown in Figure 4. Copy this number to the computer’s memory by using your alternate mouse button (also known as right-clicking) and selecting the copy command or by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl key and the ‘C’ key.

Figure 4

Once the Activation number is copied to memory it can be pasted in the deskPDF Product Activation window which can be accessed in the Docudesk programs window by selecting the Activate or Upgrade program shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5

The deskPDF Product Activation window is shown in Figure 6. Paste the Activation Code into the highlighted area by clicking the window and right-clicking and selecting the paste command or by simultaneously pressing Ctrl key and the ‘V’ key. When the Activation Code is successfully pasted your activation window should look like Figure 7.

Figure 6

Figure 7

Step 3: Completing Activation

The final step to activating deskPDF is to click the Activate button as shown in Figure 8. Following a successful activation, a window will display stating you have successfully activated your deskPDF product. There is no need to do anything further to fully utilize your product.

Prior to attempting to activate your deskPDF product please ensure you are connected to the internet and can access If you are unable to make this connection you will be unable to activate your product.

Figure 8

Activation Problems

If you are having problems activating deskPDF, please check the following:

  • Ensure deskPDF 2.5 or greater is installed on computer
  • Computer is connected to the internet and can access or other web sites.
  • You are using the entire Activation Code provided in your web page receipt or your email receipt.
  • If you have placed multiple orders, ensure you are using the proper Activation Code for your product purchased and installed on your computer.
If you have followed all these steps and are unable to activate deskPDF, use the Request deskPDF Activation Help (Figure 9) button to place an inquiry to Docudesk. This button populates the required information and is the required approach to submitting a help request as it guarantees the proper information is provided and expedites the request.

Figure 9

Activation via Post Mail

If internet connectivity is unavailable on the computer, you may copy the installation ID and use postal mail to Activate the product. The activation ID is shown at the bottom of the image in (Figure 9). Upon receipt, Docudesk will send the corresponding Activation Code back to you.