Citrix PDF

Citrix PDF

Use Citrix XenApp for on-demand true cross platform PDF delivery that allow deskPDF products to be virtualized on any PC running windows. Start editing, creating, and converting PDF documents using Citrix services.

Citrix with deskPDF

Count on improved security, simplified business processes, and reduced document production costs, and discover the benefits of using deskPDF with Citrix. Once installed, users find themselves choosing to create PDF documents due to the flexibility found in distributing documents in the universally accepted PDF standard. The ease of creating PDF’s with deskPDF allows users to embrace the powerful standard without the learning curve and hassle of a separate program. Document Security, Document Archival, Electronic Publishing, Developer Integration, Gov’t Accountability Compliance and Security Compliance Acts are a few of the business initiatives which customers have found deskPDF of great benefit.

Citrix Compatibility

Docudesk closely monitors the standards in electronic software publishing industry as well as those from major contributors like Adobe to ensure 100% compatibility with Adobe Reader and other PDF compliant applications. Citrix with deskPDF is also rigorously tested for compliance on various operating systems including; 98, NT4, Me, 2000, XP, Windows Server 2003, and 2008 and provides excellent results on both older and newer hardware. To guarantee compatibility with the latest Citrix PDF integrations, Docudesk has full availability to beta and new releases with its XenApp.

deskPDF is installed on both our Citrix server and the desktops. The installation with the provided MSI's was very easy. Cost comparison vs. Adobe standard upgrade at $5,000 per 100 stations coupled with Adobe not having a good solution for Citrix made our decision a no-brainer.

I'm extremely happy with deskPDF, it works great and it cost so much less it is amazing people buy Acrobat in multiple licenses. We ended up with exactly what we needed with support upgrade contracts for three years at about a third of what Adobe cost that did not offer us a working Citrix solution, only basic support, and no upgrade contract.