PDF Server

PDF Server

Docudesk has been a long time leader in Citrix and Terminal Server PDF creator applications. Our PDF creator is an enterprise grade solution, proven in large deployments, secure and easy to administer via Active Directory. We are the PDF software of choice for larger scale deployments within corporate, government and educational institutions, and have been proponents for “Pervasive PDF” throughout organizations for streamlined processes and cost savings. Over 70% of Fortune 1000 organizations and government entities from around the world have volume deployments of our software, including major global banks & financial services companies. Docudesk is often chosen based on the quality of the software, the tools which we offer, and our support. We offer lifetime free phone and email support for our enterprise customers, and 100% of our management, software development, & technical support is performed in-house. Elsewhere in our industry, it is common to see software that is merely licensed and re-branded while the technical support is outsourced. Our support and customer service is top notch because of our focus on the customer, and the caliber of our support personnel.

PDF Terminal Services

Give your users the power of PDF! Whether you are looking for PDF creation, PDF conversion, or PDF editing, Docudesk is a recognized leader in PDF software Terminal Server environments. Take full control of your deployments with pre-activated .MSI installers, Smart Profiles, the deskPDF Configuration Tool (dCT), and the Admin & Deployment Kit (ADK). Full support for Active Directory and compatible with Server 2003 and Server 2008 R2.

pdf terminal server

Citrix PDF

You can now have On-Demand PDF delivery via Citrix XenApp support by Docudesk. Using Citrix PDF you have complete control over PDF delivery and provides a true cross platform PDF solution.