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Create PDFs from any file with deskPDF Creator X

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Dual PDF Creation Engine

With the release of deskPDF Creator X, we’ve implemented a new faster PDF creation engine. You can now create high quality PDFs, as well as PDFs optimized for sharing online and via email.

Easy PDF Creation

deskPDF Creator X makes it simple to create PDFs, including print to PDF functionality, drag and drop PDF creation in the Easy Start menu, and Word integration.

PDF Preview

Like to look ahead? Our most requested feature is available now - in deskPDF Creator X we have implemented a preview window so you can view your output before your final PDF is created.

The Leading PDF Creator

Create PDF files from any application using deskPDF Creator X! Docudesk PDF Creator has been the leading PDF creator since 2003, with millions of users worldwide. Award-winning and critically-acclaimed, this app has been described as having a “zenlike” simplicity while including many powerful features. Easy enough to use without reading a manual, simply print or drag and drop to create 100% Adobe-compatible PDF files in one step.

Don’t pay the “Adobe® tax” when you simply need to create PDF files. Try deskPDF Creator X today risk free. Download our Free PDF Creator trial and find out for yourself why the press, individuals, governments and companies large and small use deskPDF Creator.

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Create High Quality, Fully Compatible PDFs

deskPDF Creator X makes it easy for any user to create professional PDFs

Easy Start

All new for 2013, power users will appreciate the many advanced features of deskPDF Creator X including merging, watermarking, custom profile workflows and PDF security options, as well as the all-new Easy Start menu. Easy Start allows for drag & drop PDF creation as well as PDF creation on-the-fly, Now you can select any file from your system and quickly convert it directly to a PDF.

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Drag & Drop or Print to PDF

See why Docudesk software is the choice of 70% of the Fortune 1000 and individual users worldwide. Installed as a virtual printer, deskPDF Creator X allows you to print to PDF from applications that support printing. This enables to create PDF documents from almost any type of file format that uses the print function.


Banking-grade Encryption & PDF/A compatibility

Set permissions to control what can be done with your published content. Disable printing, copying and modification of your PDF files to more tightly control what is done with your documents. Using standard 128 or 40 bit PDF encryption, password protect your important documents using the deskPDF Professional security features.

New to Creator X is the ability to create PDF Archive files, PDF Archive files are great for you lawyers and accountants out there that need a way to create documents for digital preservation and electronic storage without all the overhead that comes with the standard PDF document format.

PDF Security

PDF Merging & Watermarks

deskPDF Creator X features easy PDF merging, when you want to merge a PDF simply print the document you’re converting to PDF and choose an existing PDF, and Creator X does the rest. Featuring prepend and append functionality, you can merge PDF files on the fly.

Creator X also includes watermarking and stationary functionality, allowing users to apply graphical and textual overlays to existing documents. Great for creating high quality, professional PDF’s .

PDF Merging

Professional PDF Creation

deskPDF Creator X gives you professional PDF creation that won't slow you down.

Create PDFs
Create PDFs from any application

Creator X offers multiple modes to create PDFs - print to PDF, drag and drop to the Easy Start menu, or right click files to convert to PDF.

PDF Security
PDF security

Ensure your documents stay private, with PDF security options including password protection and banking-grade encryption.

Pro Tools
Professional tools

deskPDF Creator X gives you pro PDF tools without slowing you down - easily create high quality, professional PDFs on the fly.

The paperless office

Reduce wasteful usage of paper, toner, & time. Don't print that document to paper - create a PDF instead with deskPDF Creator X!

System Requirements

Windows® 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP Windows 10 Compatible
2 ghz processor
4 gb RAM
300mb disk space

Quickly create high quailty PDFs from any file.

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