PDF Studio X

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       Vista, XP, 7 & 8

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Edit Text & Images
Our most requested feature is here, now edit text directly in a PDF with just a click

PDF Afterburner
The Afterburner PDF engine ensures you won’t be waiting around for large documents to open.

Paperless Solution
deskPDF Studio X is the ultimate paperless solution with Easy Sign, & built-in scanner integration.

Create & Convert
Create PDFs from over 300 different file types, and convert PDFs to Word, Excel, HTML, & more.

Secure & Protect
The ultimate in PDF peace of mind – 256 bit banking grade encryption & DoD compliant digital file shredder.

Publishing & collaboration
PDFs are made for sharing, & Studio X makes it easy to collaborate & publish your PDF online.

Edit Text & Images

Our most requested feature is here, now you can edit text directly in a PDF with just a click. Our In-line text & image editing makes it easy to change the existing text & images in your PDF – change fonts or colors, or highlight, underline, & cross out text.

Annotation & markup tools include freetext & freehand drawing tools, shapes, sticky notes, & more. Give your documents professional polish by adding bookmarks & hyperlinks, as well as stamps, watermarks & letterhead.

Sign & Certify

Studio X is the ultimate paperless solution. With the all-new Easy Sign tool, your documents can be signed with a single click of the mouse. No more printer frustration!

Studio X can even help you reduce any paper clutter you already have. With built-in scanning integration you can scan in your paper documents and markup & store your files electronically. With search OCR (Optical Character Recognition) your scanned documents will even be text searchable.

Create & Convert

Not only a PDF editor, Studio X is a powerful PDF converter & creator as well. Create PDFs from over 300 different file types, & even batch convert images to PDF. Convert PDFs to Word, Excel, HTML, or image formats.

Studio X includes a variety of tools for assembling documents – merge PDFs, insert blank pages, import pages directly from another PDF, re-arrange pages, or extract a page into a new PDF. Pages can be rotated, cropped, or deleted, and page sizes can be adjusted on the fly.

Secure & Protect

Studio X provides multiple tools for securing & protecting your PDFs, including a Digital File Shredder with DoD compliant 7 pass wipe to permanently erase the document.

Protect your outbound PDFs with up to 256 bit banking grade encryption including password protection, or utilize digital IDs, trusted contacts & certificate security for the ultimate in PDF peace of mind.

Publishing & Collaboration

Need to get feedback or collaborate on a PDF with other users? With Studio X you can add comments, and even attach files to your PDF.

The comments view lets you easily see who said what, at what time, and exactly what was changed.

Share with PDFZen

Publish your PDFs to the web with 1 click with deskPDF Studio X + PDFzen. Integrating with the free PDFzen.com service means 1 button click is all it takes to publish your documents online and share the link by email or social media, or even fax your documents with PDFzen.

With PDFzen you can share your PDF’s online, for free! Collaborate with coworkers around the world, & share, edit, view, and save PDFs with ease.

Download for Windows
       Vista, XP, 7 & 8

Thank you so much! I just really wanted to say thank you because this is not only the fastest customer service from a software company that I have received over the last several years, but each of the responses were clear and in writing. You would not believe how many software companies now can not respond to email. I do not like the phone tag stuff. So, develop more stuff, would you? I like you guys.

This is a great program. Out of all the trials I had of similar software (about 16 other company’s) Docudesk’s was the best. That is why I purchased it. You delivered on your promise (2 computers…, getting back to me within 24 hrs…. etc). Great service and a great product.

You are the man! It works, it works, it works. I have had a competitor for several years and this is much better. I will buy your product!

I use Docudesk every day to attach important documents to emails. It makes it easier for everyone to be able to open a PDF file and not have to think about a Mac or PC, none of that irritating stuff. Look forward to any software Docudesk comes up with. I could not have done most of my work without it! Thanks a lot. You guys are great. I LOVE Docudesk!

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