PDF Studio

PDF Studio

deskPDF Studio is all-in-one software, that answers the question, “Can I do X with a PDF?” With deskPDF Studio, the answer is, ‘yes’. With the ability to create PDFs from virtually any application, PDF editing features for marking up PDFs that you and others have created, and PDF conversion for turning PDFs back into a variety of different formats; with deskPDF Studio you’ll never buy PDF software again.

deskPDF Studio 2012

Print to PDF

Advanced PDF Creation

deskPDF Studio 2012 comes bundled with deskPDF Creator 2012, our advanced PDF creator, allowing you to create PDFs from virtually any application. New to 2012 is; the ability to preview your PDF before you create, and delete or rotate pages as needed, creating a PDF/A file, great for you lawyers out there, and our dual-pdf creation engine, optimized for sharing PDFs on the web, or for creating high-quality, professional PDFs.

Convert word to PDF

convert pdf

Convert hyperlinks, bookmarks and table of contents from Microsoft Word® documents to create PDF documents. This feature adds a toolbar button for one-click PDF conversion of Word, Powerpoint, and Excel documents. You can also create PDF forms using the forms toolbar.

40 and 128 bit PDF Security

pdf creator security

Set permissions to control what can be done with your published content. Disable printing, copying and modification of your PDF files to more tightly control what is done with your documents. Using standard 128 or 40 bit PDF encryption, password protect your important documents using the deskPDF Professional security features.

Edit PDF Form

edit PDF forms

Don’t fill out that form by hand – You can now edit PDF forms with deskPDF Editor. Even in 2012, filling out PDF forms seems like it is always difficult. Out of frustration, many users end up completing the forms by hand. Why waste your time? Our Editor freetext tool makes it easy to add text to any PDF – even PDF’s that don’t have fillable form fields, and even PDF’s that have been scanned in.

Merge PDF files

merge pdf

Merging PDFs is easy, stop sending multiple PDFs. Make it easy on yourself, and your recipient, by combining multiple documents into a single PDF. Easily merge, delete, rotate, & re-order pages using the merge PDF feature of deskPDF Editor.

Re-order pages

re-order pages - deskPDF Editor

Do you ever wish there was an easy way of re-order PDF pages, or re-arranging the pages in your PDF? Maybe the pages were scanned in wrong, or the PDF was created incorrectly. Whichever the case, once the PDF is made, you are usually stuck. With our merge PDF functionality – Simply drag and drop the pages in the order that you want.

Rotate Pages

rotate pdf pages

We’ve all been there. That PDF is perfect, except for a few pages that are facing the wrong direction. Time to start over? No! With deskPDF Editor you can rotate those pages clockwise, counterclockwise, and upside down. Don’t waste time re-making that PDF.

Delete Pages

delete pdf pages

Wish the PDF you’re about to send out looked just a little bit more professional? It would except for a few pages you wish you could just make disappear. It only takes two mouse clicks to delete pages!

PDF to Word

convert pdf to Word

The PDF to word conversion will take a PDF file and convert it into a Microsoft Word document. With alternative PDF to Word converters, most people find themselves tweaking their .doc file until it’s human-readable. Not with UNPDF, our conversion will preserve styles, font colors, images, and the overall layout of the PDF document.

OCR Text-Extraction

A big problem with most PDF files, is that they don’t contain actual text. Whether it was created from an image file or a scanned document, the text isn’t there. Meaning you can’t copy and paste the text or edit the PDF text. However, our PDF converter can look at the image, and automatically extract all of the text within it, using the power of Optical Character Recognition. From there, it’s as easy as choosing the format you’d like the PDF to be converted into and getting on with your day.

Convert your PDF to Excel

convert pdf to xls

PDF to Excel conversion is a boon for accountants and anyone else dealing with reports. If you’ve ever received a report in PDF format, you know how time-consuming copying all of that data into Microsoft Excel can be. Now, with deskPDF Studio you can reliably convert PDF data into Excel format with a high-level of accuracy. Not only is copy and pasting that data boring, but it’s also error prone. In dealing with finances and reports the less errors the better. Save some time and money by using deskPDF Studio’s PDF to Excel conversion tool.