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deskUNPDF Converter introduces innovative, easy to use features with a wide array of conversion output formats to meet every business need. From incredibly accurate PDF to Word Conversion to Excel table extraction to publishing a PDF to HTML; deskUNPDF Converter delivers. Integrated batch conversion offers individuals and businesses the ability to automate conversions to further streamline business needs.

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Thanks!  Awesome product by the way.  I purchased 3 different PDF convertors from the Apple Store before finding yours, and not one of them was able to convert to Excel. I kept ending up with blank workbooks.  I gave up on the apps, and came across your website and tried the trial version.  I was so impressed by the conversion.  Usually I have to reformat a bit, or sometimes two columns will end up in one, etc.  Your program converted the PDF'd tables perfectly.   It sure has saved us a lot of time in editing, reformatting, and re-entering. What a great product!