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Convert PDF Documents with deskUNPDF Converter

Everyone needs to convert PDF documents. Whether you receive a PDF that is just an image, contains an incorrect date, or has some tabular data that needs to be copied. Don’t go through the tedium of recreating the PDF file or copying all of the text into Word. Save yourself some time and use deskUNPDF PDF Converter to convert that PDF into whatever format works best for you.

PDF to Word

convert pdf to Word

The PDF to word conversion will take a PDF file and convert it into a Microsoft Word document. With alternative PDF to Word converters, most people find themselves tweaking their .doc file until it’s human-readable. Not with UNPDF, our conversion will preserve styles, font colors, images, and the overall layout of the PDF document.

OCR Text-Extraction

A big problem with most PDF files, is that they don’t contain actual text. Whether it was created from an image file or a scanned document, the text isn’t there. Meaning you can’t copy and paste the text or edit the PDF text. However, our PDF converter can look at the image, and automatically extract all of the text within it, using the power of Optical Character Recognition. From there, it’s as easy as choosing the format you’d like the PDF to be converted into and getting on with your day.

Convert your PDF to Excel

convert pdf to xls

UNPDF’s PDF to Excel conversion is a boon for accountants and anyone else dealing with reports. If you’ve ever received a report in PDF format, you know how time-consuming copying all of that data into Microsoft Excel can be. Now, with deskUNPDF you can reliably convert PDF data into Excel format with a high-level of accuracy. Not only is copy and pasting that data boring, but it’s also error prone. In dealing with finances and reports the less errors the better. Save some time and money by using deskUNPDF’s PDF to Excel conversion tool.

PDF to Image

Can’t attach that PDF to an email because the file is too big? Images are up to 75% smaller than PDF files and don’t require special software to be seen. UNPDF can convert a PDF to many different image formats including; .png, .jpg/.jpeg, .bmp, and .tif. No need to worry about formatting and rendering issues if they have a different PDF reader, send an image and be sure it’s correct.

Convert PDF to HTML

convert pdf to html

Need to share that document with a larger audience? Use the PDF converter PDF to HTML conversion tool and turn it into a web page. UNPDF can accurately and reliably convert a PDF into a web format such as HTML, XHMTL, and SVG, that’s viewable from any web browser.

Convert PDF to XML

PDF Converter | PDF to xml

Extract structured XML data from PDF files for data mining, archival and search applications. deskUNPDF Converter’s robust Accu-text engine understands structure in text and will extract accurate data. The standard schema offered by deskUNPDF is Simpified DocBook v.1.1. This technology is also offered in a PDF server solution API. Contact support to inquire about alternate XML standards and solutions.

Convert PDF to .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, or .TIF

convert pdf to jpg

Need an image of your PDF file? Our PDF converter can instantly convert PDF files into images. deskUNPDF PDF Converter can take an existing PDF file and turn it into an image.

Convert PDF to Text

convert pdf to txt

Take your PDF files and convert them into plain text files. Perfect for resume submissions, or as a backup to an email attachment, ensuring anyone can read your file.

Batch convert PDF files

Batch PDF Converter

Batch conversion allows users to select a grouping of PDFs to be converted for any of the available output formats. The batch capability is accessible from the standard user interface.