Merge PDF

Merge PDF files

merge pdf

Merging PDFs is easy, stop sending multiple PDFs. Make it easy on yourself, and your recipient, by combining multiple documents into a single PDF. Easily merge, delete, rotate, & re-order pages using the merge PDF feature of deskPDF Editor.

Re-order pages

re-order pages - deskPDF Editor

Do you ever wish there was an easy way of re-order PDF pages, or re-arranging the pages in your PDF? Maybe the pages were scanned in wrong, or the PDF was created incorrectly. Whichever the case, once the PDF is made, you are usually stuck. With our merge PDF functionality – Simply drag and drop the pages in the order that you want.

Rotate Pages

rotate pdf pages -

We’ve all been there. That PDF is perfect, except for a few pages that are facing the wrong direction. Time to start over? No! With deskPDF Editor you can rotate those pages clockwise, counterclockwise, and upside down. Don’t waste time re-making that PDF.

Delete Pages

delete pdf pages

Wish the PDF you’re about to send out looked just a little bit more professional? It would except for a few pages you wish you could just make disappear. It only takes two mouse clicks to delete pages!