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What are people saying about us?

I'd like to say thanks for the great software and for your continuing engagement and support. I really appreciate the great products and great service which has been consistently good, not just for days or weeks after purchase, but for years!

Your customer service is superb.

Thoroughly delighted with this product. Simple to use and results are spot on every time. I was impressed with the website when I found it through searching, and am equally impressed with the software itself. When making the purchase I experienced a problem using the payment processor but Docudesk customer service was fast, friendly and sorted it in no time. Such a pleasant change from so many other vendors these days. Highly recommended.

Thank you so much. I had to download the link you e-mailed before it would let me "register". But it works great now. I wish other programs would be as speedy and helpful.
Thank you again.

Thank you so much. It is refreshing to know that there are professional companies out there that know what customers need and accommodate those needs.

Worked as advertised.  Credit Union mailed me a form requiring fill-in and signature.  After affixing my signature to the blank form I scanned into computer as JPG where I then converted to PDF.  I was then able to edit form and type contents (rather than complete in long-hand scribble) and save form to attach to e-mail which expedited process of my request. Thanks for a great product.

I am genuinely impressed with your response time. I apologize if I was rude in my request for a refund. I will check back and follow software updates simply because of your follow-up. If I see what I need, I will buy immediately.

deskPDF is installed on both our Citrix server and the desktops. The installation with the provided MSI's was very easy. Cost comparison vs. Adobe standard upgrade at $5,000 per 100 stations coupled with Adobe not having a good solution for Citrix made our decision a no-brainer.

I'm extremely happy with deskPDF, it works great and it cost so much less it is amazing people buy Acrobat in multiple licenses. We ended up with exactly what we needed with support upgrade contracts for three years at about a third of what Adobe cost that did not offer us a working Citrix solution, only basic support, and no upgrade contract.

As the principal of a small legal practice, I have little time and less resources to source workable software solutions. It is particularly important to me to be able to assemble and send out material in PDF format without having to think about how to do it. deskPDF Editor has filled that need admirably. It has become an indispensable tool for me and I have noticed that my PDFs are often of much higher quality than those I receive from some larger firms.

I increasingly encounter fill-in PDF forms used by government agencies. Those forms invariably prevent the user from saving data for re-use, which I find incredibly frustrating and time wasting. deskPDF Editor will solve that problem. The cost of the product is minimal, so I have no doubt it will pay for itself many times over. I believe it paid for itself with the time it saved the first time I used it.

Thanks!  Awesome product by the way.  I purchased 3 different PDF convertors from the Apple Store before finding yours, and not one of them was able to convert to Excel. I kept ending up with blank workbooks.  I gave up on the apps, and came across your website and tried the trial version.  I was so impressed by the conversion.  Usually I have to reformat a bit, or sometimes two columns will end up in one, etc.  Your program converted the PDF'd tables perfectly.   It sure has saved us a lot of time in editing, reformatting, and re-entering. What a great product!

It works! I love Docudesk!

I'm buying deskPDF today, and wanted to say 'thanks' for your product.

I bought a 50 user Terminal server edition  of this software from you for my company a couple of years ago. Needless to say that I am delighted with your product. I created an opt file specifying the folder the documents are to be saved to. The software is used programmatically and the users do not even know what program is used for conversion and it works beautifully. During these two years We have never had a problem - not even a minor one !

The trial window was enough for me to buy it and I’m happy with it already, it got you a sale. I’ll give it a good going over in the next month. I had been using Acrobat 6 Pro until it coughed up a lung on my shiny new notebook. Bye  Acrobat!

I just would like you to know that you are the finest company I've dealt with on the web for software.  You are so helpful every single time I need it.  I appreciate too, that you seem to have your ducks in a row and can help me.

Thanks for the prompt response.  I must say I am impressed with Docudesk's support and responsiveness!

Works fine now, thank you for your prompt replies and service. Very impressive!

I just wanted you guys to know how COOL this is, it is fast, easy and convenient! Thank you so much for your hard work and giving me a choice, now I don't have to pay mega-bucks to do all the things I have to do with PDFs.

I want to thank Trevor for the rapid and accurate response. In a short period of time I am up and running!

Thank you for your speedy response. That was way beyond my expectations in terms of customer support!

I just found your software and downloaded to try, wow what a life saver, we send documents to some of our clients and agents and the print as PDF option is excellent, easier to use than many other options available on the market. We can send any format document to others without the fear they wont be able to open or read them, also we don't have to worry our Word documents will be edited, a lifesaver... thanks again and keep it up !!

I wish to commend Trevor - customer support for identifying my problem and giving clear, concise instructions on how to remedy my problem.

Thank for the easiest download, install, user experience I've had since WinZip 2.0 and Text Pad 4.7. deskPDF even converted my Math Type equations just as they appeared in Word before the conversion. I can't wait to use my 5 free PDF document conversions and pay you some $$$ for your program.

This is SOOO cool. I needed to convert an MS-Word doc to PDF, and I tried a couple of different things I found on the web (e.g., Smart PDF Creator Pro), then I downloaded a trial version of deskPDF Standard. It worked immediately, and it captured my fonts correctly, it captured my line and paragraph spacing correctly, it captured my code samples and fonts correctly, and it captured the symbols I drew (Word Auto shapes) correctly! I only converted the first few pages, but I have to tell you I LOVE the idea that I can continue to use this product even after the five uses. I have no problem whatsoever with the watermarks, all I care about is being able to preview my entire book to see how it will look when it is converted (without guessing), so when I go to purchase deskPDF (to get rid of the watermarks), I will know EXACTLY what I am getting. Awesome job! Now all I have to do is finish my book...

Thanks for the great PDF writer.  It's easy. We make books so your product is a lifesaver!

Thank you very much ... ;-)  This works well with "OUTSIDE United States," but in capital letters. My order is placed and now I'm saved. Good luck to all and a great tool for this so convenient!

Your software is really great, works perfect and I am very pleased with it.  I recommend it to everyone.  Thank you again for your support and for making such a great utility available.

I wanted to reply and thank you for providing me with an activation code for my new computer. I absolutely love your product (especially now that I learned how to combine multiple sheet Excel files into a single PDF) and use it daily. I have recommended your software to many business colleagues and associates. You have proven that my support was warranted. I also sell software and know licensing is critical for revenue control and unlicensed copying. I will buy your product again for my business for my other new computers. I will also pay to renew this version as well. Thank you again!

I'd like to ad that I bought my first computer in 1987, and, over the years, I've dealt with many Customer Support teams. You guys are in a class by yourselves. I have never seen better. There's no one even close.

Thank you for your fabulous customer support!  Your product is extremely user-friendly and the professional quality/appearance of all of my emailed documents is commented upon often because of the DeskPDF program.  Your prompt assistance with this dilemma is appreciated.  (Often when contacting customer support for other companies one must wait 24-48 hrs. for a response!!)  I have recommended your product at least a dozen times to clients, family and friends and I will happily continue to do so.  It is not often that a company is concerned with supporting their customers after the sale, thank you for your outstanding customer service!

Awesome and thank you for your very professional manner in dealing with us!

Thank you, and I have to say, this is how all business should be conducted. I appreciate it.

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service and activation code in helping me get deskPDF Pro going again after I had re-installed my operating system. Everything is fine, the PDF works like a gem as usual. Again, thanks!

Thank you so much Casey, I absolutely love my deskPDF, it's a tremendous asset to my business and has saved lots of my time!

This works amazingly well. Thank you Sam!

Only Docudesk deskPDF can produce PDF files in small file sizes. Excellent value for the money for such a great product.

Thank you, worked great!  Love both the deskUNPDF and deskPDF program.

That did it for me! Thank you so much for your prompt and useful information!

The Customer Support at Docudesk is one reason I like it.  I received a reply email almost immediately after I inquired from the Support Team - it gave me enough information to locate what I needed. Thanks again!

Thank you for your help. You have been a joy to work with from ‘Square 1’.

Thanks for your help, this is an excellent program and one I wouldn’t want to be without.

Thank you…I am up and running…by the way, yours is by far the best conversion software on the market…been a lifesaver.

Thank you very much for your kind and professional assistance. You really got in to the problem instead of the endlessly demands of re-installations of the application that many other software providers think of as "support".

I was about to write to say thank you for being so helpful despite the fact it had not worked; I think the support I have received from Docudesk has been really good, and I am very impressed.  Even if the product did not work I would have no difficulty buying something from you after that experience. However I was loath to give it up without one last fight. SO yet again I uninstalled it, did a search and removed all my Docudesk deskUNPDF components from previous attempts at downloading / installing, reinstalled from freshly downloaded zip files, and lo and behold it works! So I won’t be needing that refund, but once more can I say thank you for an exceptionally helpful and prompt support service.  It’s a pleasure to use your products.

Thank you for the great customer service experience. Thanks!

Done deal, thanks a lot! Unbelievable customer service by the way.

You have the best customer support of anyone and everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for a very prompt response. I also am very impressed by you software. Thanks again!

Thanks, much obliged I will definitely recommend the product and great service!

Once again, great service! Thanks, Nik.

I finally got a break today and read your email and figured I’d give your new suggestion a try, particularly since deskPDF is a heck of a lot more affordable than Acrobat. The conversion looks fantastic and the conversion is very fast. I can’t thank you enough for all the time you took to provide feedback and attempt to help me; you went way above and beyond the call of duty, so to speak.

Thank You.  Excellent Customer Service!

Fantastic service - well done!

In my honest opinion, my Sony Reader was almost useless until I tried your product. It won't read HTML, it won't read normal sized (A4) PDF's, and the Connect Bookstore offers limited titles (and I am not sure I want to buy anything that has their DRM scheme anyway). I have tried many conversion products, but yours by far is the best when it comes to getting text onto my Reader.

This is not a complaint or technical query but a bit of praise. We are a small catering company based in Runcorn England trying to become more eco friendly by providing our customers with email billing / invoicing. As a small company (very small) conventional PDF programs were to expensive this program is absolutely brilliant for our purpose. So thank you and well done. If you ever need somebody to persuade a recalcitrant customer to sign up send him to me !

Thank you so much for this amazing program! I can't believe how easy it was and how much it saved in money and time. You are greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much for letting me download your fabulous software. I am blown away by how quickly and perfectly it works - it's like magic! It's a major improvement over the other PDF printer program I had before, which caused problems with my computer. I'm so thankful!

Thank you so much!  You fixed my problem and I greatly appreciate that.  I will convert my trial on deskPDF to a license.  I have installed 4 PDF programs in the last 3 days including Adobe and obviously I had the same problem on each one, but your program had only the background problem and you were the only one to respond to my support question. Thank you!

Very professional company and top notch product and support. I don't often purchase software online, but you've made it a stress free experience. I had installed the deskPDF Professional trial, but activated with a deskPDF Standard license, your validation code handled the difference very elegantly, allowing my trial of Pro to complete before reverting to Standard, without having to uninstall or reinstall anything. Very slick guys! Thank you for a great product.

First, let me say deskPDF has really been a paper saver for me. Each month when I do my bills on-line instead of printing a confirmation page, I use deskPDF to append a PDF copy of the page to a file for the month. Quick and Easy to use. My son works for a major accounting firm an area that is going paperless, and he is impressed with the power I have from my desktop with deskPDF, and "append" and "prepend" functions. A Very Satisfied Customer

Thank you for your quick response and solution. Your product is awesome and your customer service is incredible. Thank you for helping us run our business more efficiently!  Our company has been looking for an Adobe is HERE! We are now able to produce VERY professional looking quotes from just about any program...INCREDIBLE! I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who owns a business and produces customer material of any kind. You won't be disappointed!

Thank you very much. I very seldom compliment companies on excellent service and excellent products. BUT I am certainly going to make an exception this time. I have used this program daily since purchasing it – it is EXCELLENT! Congratulations. Regarding your after sales service – amazing! Thank you very  much. I would recommend this program to anyone.

I am glad to say, in the short time we have been using deskPDF we have come to like and depend on it. Thanks for your support.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply to me email and your very efficient help in dealing with my problem. The program is now installed, activated and running perfectly. I am delighted with it as I have found it an excellent trouble free program to work with and am delighted to have it back again. I am also delighted with the Docudesk support service. I will continue to highly recommend this software to my colleagues and friends.

Thank you for your help.  It still allows me to do things I like to do.  And I really do like the WORD to PDF.  That has been wonderful!!  I appreciate your help.

Thank you for your kind and prompt response. The quality of the PDF's produced are excellent.

I am very pleased with the results, and I would recommend this product to my clients. I want to thank you and commend you one and all for being able to take a frustrated New York businessman, and turn him around from frustration to pleasure. For all those I yelled at I apologize. For those who were able to put up with me, thanks for hanging in. I am writing this because I was quick to criticize, now I have to eat my words, and give praise. Great product, great service, great people and obviously an outstanding company. If you are ever in New York and need some answers or support for a trade show keep me in mind.

This isn't a complaint or a technical enquiry...I just downloaded the free version of your product as a trial and I'm really impressed. I had problems with some versions of Adobe with things like bullet points in PowerPoint. Docudesk is bloody brilliant. Well done.

Thanks for your prompt and knowledgeable help. You have described exactly what was happening and your fix works!

Thank you for prompt and efficient service as well as a super product.

Wow, there's fast and then there's you guys! I think that took all of three minutes. What can I say except thank you very much!

Thank you very much, I had been quite satisfied with the efficiency of the program but am now even more impressed by the companies promptness and efficiency in service.

Worked perfectly first time, great service

Thank you for the prompt response!  You have a great product at a great price and great service too!

You guys are the best. Thank you.

Well land's sakes! It worked, and I am extremely happy. Thanks for the help.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jon.  You’ve made one not so literate computer user very happy.

Many thanks for this great application, much neater than Acrobat especially on a laptop!

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt solution to my activation problem. I really like your product and think that you do a fine job of supporting it.

Thank you- that worked and I would like to add that this was a good experience- rare these days when dealing with such issues!

You guys are the BEST – Super Service and Great product too!

Docudesk is a “DECENT” company; I am enjoying their good products very much and appreciate their great service as well. I have used Docudesk product for about three years, my experience is that their products are very easy to use, the results are excellent, and their service is outstanding, with great patients and care, the prices are very reasonable too! If you need PDF or Un-PDF, do not hesitate, Docudesk is the best choice.

I have to praise you on your excellent customer service.  I will definitely seek other Docudesk products in the future.

My compliments on your deskPDF software. I had several large complex AutoCAD drawings which I needed to convert to PDF files, and I was amazed at how easy this was.

If more businesses ran theirs like you do yours, the world would not be in the pickle we are in. I don't recall ever buying software with better support behind it than yours. I am very impressed. You can publish that with my name too.

Thanks! Your quick response makes me really happy to do business with Docudesk!

I would like to thank Brandon for helping me resolve a technical issue with a document I was afraid had become corrupted due to stopping the deskPDF conversion process. He helped me to resolve the issue quickly and effectively via support chat. Thanks again!

I was using Adobe Converter to convert MS Word.doc and AutoCad .dwg files into PDF files and often the words were either run together and/or the fonts would be distorted, and sometimes changed. Since using Docudesk PDF Conversion, these conditions are not happening. Thanks for a great product that actually works well.

Oh my word, is it really that simple?!  I have been using deskPDF for the last half hour and I can't believe it is this easy!  Not only is your product worth it's weight in gold....maybe more, your service is outstanding.  You should give lessons to other corporations. Thank you again!

Many, many thanks, don't know how I change the settings but your info did the trick, I'll be able to get the church magazine out on time thanks to your very helpful, extremely quick support. Well done!

I can't tell you how impressed I am with your online service! I contacted Adobe yesterday to find about upgrading so that I could protect flyers PDF. I still have not heard from them. So today, I surfed PDF and guess what Docudesk was the easiest to work with and I am on my way to building numerous PDF documents and it only took me 4 minutes. Thank you so much!

Hello, Jon. I have good news. In my efforts to show the wrong pagination into PDF files by deskPDF, I failed to produce even one example. Huge files were printed into PDF files from MS Word, MS Excel (187 pages!!!), and MS Access. The pagination was perfect! So, I humbly beg your pardon, since I was mistaken. Sorry to cast doubt on your fine product. As an old-line programmer, I know how it is, when folks question your work - especially, if the questioning is wrong. It certainly was here.

Wow! Add me to the list of very satisfied customers. This solved so many ongoing configuration problems for me. Simple and works great. I downloaded the trial and was so impressed I bought the program 20 minutes later.

Thank you very much for your assistance. I am very impressed with your promptness and your follow-up, and will definitely pass on my impressions to my colleagues!

I thank you for clearing this problem up for me. I would like to say that you at Docudesk have a great program! It solves a lot of problems that I had before I found it although I have another PDF program On my computer, because Docudesk does it all I rarely use the other one now. Again, thanks for helping me with my problem. If any one asks me what I use for PDF, You are the only one I'll recommend.

Thanks for the unexpectedly PROMPT reply. I really mean that, for me, many times it has taken a day or two to get the  response I needed. Yours has worked. I've got it loaded and activated. Thanks again from a VERY satisfied customer.

Thank you that was a very explicit and helpful answer and thank you also for getting back to me so promptly. The software is amazing by the way.

Thanks very much for being so prompt and helpful. Docudesk is so nice to deal with!

It worked!   Thanks very much for the fast reply and help.  Your product is amazing!

Thanks for clearing this up for me. It all works perfectly now. Fantastic service and technical support.

Excellent service and a great program!

Not only is deskPDF and deskUNPDF the simplest, most powerful and simply the best PDF converter I have ever used but the after sales support is FANTASTIC!! My hard disk ate its self about 6 months after buying the converters due to an idiot virus writer, but Nik at Docudesk was able to quickly and easily sort me out a new authorisation with no fuss or bother and most importantly no administration fee!! Thanks Nik and thanks to all of you at Docudesk for a great product, if Adobe have any sense at all they would be recruiting in your offices, hope they don't. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for such a nice product! : ) I purchased, downloaded, and successfully activated your product yesterday for use on my laptop. I liked your product so much that I downloaded and installed it on my desktop.

This must be at least the second time I have changed PC and lost my activation code (scatter brain and paperwork unorganised as I can be) but you have come up trumps yet again with your swift response to my request via email for some after-sales support of re-supplying me with my activation code when I really needed it for a new project! I only wish it was this easy to get quality support from all the companies I deal with in my business life.

Thank you for your easy-to-understand detailed explanation.  I sincerely appreciate your effort! Thank you!

Thank you for your impeccable communication and follow-up service. My compliments.

Thank you so much. I will definitely refer people to you. When it comes time to upgrade, I will definitely come back.

Thank you so much!!!  I'm a composer who uses deskPDF to get my music to people who don't have music notation software.  I'm in the middle of a project and needed to get music to someone today.  Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

Thank you very much for responding to my e-mail in such a timely manner. By doing so it enabled me to keep my promised completion date on schedule.

Thanks for your prompt response and help. I really appreciate it. With your excellent service and quality products, you can be certain I will be recommending your software to others.

Many thanks, it's such a useful program that I am surprised it's not been snapped up and packaged on all PC's! Best wishes!

Thank you for your help!  I have been suggesting your product to my friends who also need to print to PDF.  Your help in resolving this issue re-affirms that I made the right choice!

DeskPDF is absolutely full-featured, functional and fabulous. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better program that converts Word docs and retains hyperlinks. Its PDF security features are hard to beat. I would really love to see a PDF form designer from Docudesk.

That worked like a charm.  Thanks so much for your absolutely amazing response time.  You are a star!!!

Thank you very much.  Your service is better than expected.  I will tell everybody in my office about your product as the product itself is wonderful, the service is top notch, and the price is of great value.  Very pleased! Thank You!

This is such a great program and so easy to convert documents.  I work with a non profit and have begun using it to convert out newsletters! Thanks for the quick response!

Thanks! That Worked Great! This is now closed. And, like I said earlier, this is a great product.  It really works the way it is supposed to. Thanks Again!

Success! Thanks so much for your super-prompt and effective support. Cheers!

Thank you so much, you guys are just terrific!! Cheers!

Thanks, you really saved the day…I love your programs and really appreciate the support! Thank again!

You guys are absolutely amazing! Thank you! We love your products and we tell others about them! Thanks for your service! Thanks!

You guys are fabulous. If there was ever a vote on dependability and service, I would give you 100%. Your company is bound to be a great success if it isn’t already!

Thank you so much for this - I have been writing for years but could never afford publishing costs. Now I am able to publish & in fact have just done my 3rd book. Now for the promotion!!
Thanks again.

By the way I have 3 PDF writers on my computer (Nitro PDF, deskPDF, and Acrobat).  I have to produce a fairly sizable handout in PDF for a class I teach.  The source of the documentation is PowerPoint 2007. For whatever reason Acrobat fails very badly, i.e., will not function.  Nitro Pro struggles though it pretty well except I am having some problems with the font size on some pages.  deskPDF  finds no problem at all and produces the pages much faster.  Thought you might be interested.

Thanks for the prompt assistance with helping me get  Docudesk PDF Essentials Plus installed on my second computer. We use this computer as backup at home and take it with us to our 2nd home. Installation is now complete on both computers. Please convey to your colleagues that  from the beginning when questions were asked about the 2nd computer and when asking for advice about which bundle to purchase, you folks were very responsive and on point answering a question. Your assistance with installation is the 'icing on the cake'. The favorable testimonials about Docudesk are most valid. Now I can enjoy learning to use this valuable tool in more depth. Quick initial testing says all is OK. It is a pleasure to do business with Docudesk!!!!

I use Docudesk every day to attach important documents to emails. It makes it easier for everyone to be able to open a PDF file and not have to think about a Mac or PC, none of that irritating stuff. Look forward to any software Docudesk comes up with. I could not have done most of my work without it! Thanks a lot. You guys are great. I LOVE Docudesk!

Brandon Robbins, you are the bomb! Thank you so much for your help! If I had asked for this assistance with any other company, I would have expected them to tell me I had to repurchase my license! Thank you for investigating and finding my account info! You went above and beyond in customer service! I'll recommend Docudesk to all my friends, for outstanding customer service & support. Thank you again, so very much!

Thank you for the great support.  I will always recommend Docudesk to my friends and customers.

Thank you - you are always so helpful!

Thank you very much for your answers and quick response to my questions yesterday. Being in computer business myself for almost 15 years, companies with good after-sales and support services are hard to come by these days. It is nice to know there are still someone out there sharing my business values in the industry. Keep up with the good work.  I will certainly refer your products to my clients.

I came across DeskPDF probably 5 years ago and have been using it ever since. I even lost my program and activation code when my computer crashed several years ago but still had the receipt and all I had to do was contact Docudesk and was back up and running again in no time. I just got a new laptop and will be upgrading to the professional version. Thank you Docudesk!

Thank you for getting my Docudesk program back up and running. This program is so easy to use. Great job on the program design.

I am writing to express my delight in finding your software. We are property developers in England and regularly use AutoCAD and other technical software programs. I have tried for some time to save these technical files in PDF form using Adobe products but have never successfully been able to do so. By sheer chance I came across your website last week and downloaded your free version of deskPDF and I have found this to be so user friendly I have felt compelled to write to you and praise you on your products. I have now used deskPDF with AutoCAD and a number of other applications and am so very pleased with it. I congratulate you and thank you for deskPDF!

Thank you for your assistance. Your support turn around time and resolution are A+ service.

Jon, Perfect, my grateful thanks to you for all your help and patience, if only all companies had customer support staff like yours does. I am forever grateful for a great product and service that has no equal.

Thank you for your prompt response.  As a Lecturer on Quality Management Systems I appreciate your "delighting your customer " approach. UNPDF works well on my new laptop (notebook). Keep up the good work.

I have just converted an extensive Word doc...all 840 pages of text, astronomical maps, conventional maps both colour and line, line architectural drawings, landscape drawings, numerous photographs etc etc. The updates to desk PDF Pro are fantastic...for long docs such as this I used to wait literally ages and have the formatting process on show the whole time.  Now? 4 minutes total with no jumping format pages on the screen...and that is at 3600dpm Prepress...the result is absolutely superb for quality. Keep up the good work!

Once again thank you very much for this – great software along with your customer service – all of which makes my life so much easier.

Nicholas, Followed your advice and have successfully registered.  Obviously I trialed many (more than a dozen) other programs before using yours.  The selling feature for me was the ability to rem out headers etc.  The accuracy was also a selling feature.  Interestingly enough the conversion to txt and/or html is better (for my needs) than using a registered copy of Adobe writer. Thank you for chasing me up – you nearly lost a sale but for you diligence and customer service.

Brilliant. Thanks for the great service. I recommend your software to everyone.

Thank you very much that worked. Your customer service is wonderful!!

Your quick response is really appreciated as I have to puff some docs today and issue to clients, so thank you very much for that quick turn around. Great product, great service and I really appreciate the opportunity to install on two different boxes, that will be very helpful for my next major PC meltdown.

I have to say that this is a really good program -- simple to use, very affordable, and does just about all I need to do. Being able to delete pages and add pages in the middle would make it perfect. I've recommended it to a few colleges and they have been just as pleased.

Thanks for being so responsive!! I must say this product is absolutely fantastic! PDF software at a reasonable price! What a novel concept!

That worked beautifully! Thank you very much! I love this program, it is nice to work with! I highly appreciate your help, here!

You are the man! It works, it works, it works. I have had a competitor for several years and this is much better. I will buy your product!

Thank you so much! I just really wanted to say thank you because this is not only the fastest customer service from a software company that I have received over the last several years, but each of the responses were clear and in writing. You would not believe how many software companies now can not respond to email. I do not like the phone tag stuff. So, develop more stuff, would you? I like you guys.

I am very pleased with Docudesk and the professional manner that your company uses with it’s clients.

I now have the program and it works great. It works with Word and Excel and several other programs. Thanks for your support and help, especially for the lesson on Windows copy and paste. Seldom have I had anything explained so clearly.

I researched a lot of different PDF converter options and your software was really easy and great to use. Thanks for offering the free download too. It saved us during a crunch time when trying to get documents posted to the web right away. I’m happy to pay for the product now!

I have found deskPDF to be excellent and reliable software.

Thanks for a really excellent product! I just recently purchased it and already it is well used.

Thanks for your prompt assistance. I’m recommending this excellent product to everyone I know!

I tested, purchased and registered deskPDF. EXCELLENT software! It even handles Type 1 Fonts correctly!

This program works like a charm. Easy to use, no fuss. The included postscript driver works great on my HP inkjet printer.

Many thanks for your assistance and congratulations on a really useful product.

It is nice being able to send a document to people and they don’t have to drop a bundle of money in order to open it.

Thank you for your very fast response to my problem. I am pleasantly surprised to get such fast help. Have a great year.

My boss recently purchased your deskPDF printer for me. I love it and use it all the time. Thank you!

Thanks. Great product! Serves Adobe right for making Distiller too expensive.

I work in the Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library at the Alamo in San Antonio. In October we purchased a single user license for deskPDF. I am the one who uses this program and I must say I love it.

I love it. How can this product be more affordable than Adobe’s PDF program? I will be using it to create a club newsletter online instead of having to convert the .doc to .html every time. In fact I will be using it on all 11 of my volunteer web sites. Thank you.

…thanks for the prompt service. I like the fast response of your program over Adobe’s Acrobat which takes forever.

I compared the trial version to a product at twice the cost, and deskPDF is equal. Tried one at the same cost, but that one failed miserably, especially with multiple tabs and Greek letters. Your deskPDF so far has functioned flawlessly in all trials with both equations (text and graphic) and all graphics. Well done!

I want to thank you for the suggestion of downloading deskPDF. So far, it has worked stunningly.

…I love this little program. My work is extremely fast paced and Docudesk’s software is really going to help.

Thank you very much. This has enabled us to achieve our aims in regards to file conversion to PDF. I’ve dealt with a number of companies for product support, and I have to say that I am impressed with the response I received from you as well as the ultimate results. All too often these days companies tend to dismiss customers after the initial product purchase.

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Thanks…that was the most prompt and useful help I have ever had from a web based sale, so keep up the good work. I hope the cash registers keep chiming for you!

…thanks for a good program. I can now write PDF files that Acrobat Distiller never could!

Hey there Docudesk, you guys have an amazing product. I am truly happy with deskPDF! Thanks!

Thank you very much for your quick response and for an excellent product. I will be recommending your product to others.

Thanks for your prompt response and help. I really appreciate it. With your excellent service and quality products, you can be certain I will be recommending your software to others.

This is awesome. I’ve wanted just the distiller portion of Adobe’s Acrobat at a reasonable price for a long time. I am going to do some further testing, but you can bet that I am going to be recommending this product. Good job.

…this program has been a Godsend. I am no longer even looking for Adobe’s Acrobat. This does everything I want. My customers think I’m great because I send them PDF’s instead of .jpeg’s that take longer to download. I have even made deskPDF my default printer. It’s cut down a great deal on my paper usage.

I’m blown away! Having just tried deskPDF I now feel extremely guilty for talking one of my clients into purchasing Adobe Acrobat. Your program is not only “significantly” less expensive but it is also “significantly” easier to use. Plus the macro that works with Microsoft Word actually works. I had to disable the one for Adobe Acrobat because it always caused trouble and never worked properly. I’m going to install this program on my laptop so I can show it to my clients during presentations. With such a modest price tag I can require my clients to deliver PDF files. This will literally change the way I work. Thank you!

I love your product! It’s handy, easy to use, and nice and lightweight. I use it 10 times more than I thought I would. I find all kinds of uses for it that I never imagined when I first bought it. Nice work!

This is a great program. Out of all the trials I had of similar software (about 16 other company’s) Docudesk's was the best. That is why I purchased it. You delivered on your promise (2 computers…, getting back to me within 24 hrs…. etc). Great service and a great product.

Amazing! I have used deskPDF Standard for several years, primarily because the cost of Adobe Acrobat was prohibitive. I acquired Acrobat as part of an upgrade to CS3 not too long ago. I needed to create a PDF file from a complex 9-page document, and was disappointed that the Acrobat 8.1 version contained errors, BUT overjoyed to see that the deskPDF version was PERFECT! More expensive is not always better! Kudos, and thanks!

I was using Adobe Converter to convert MS Word documents  and AutoCad  files into PDF files and often the words were either run together and/or the fonts would be distorted, and sometimes changed. Since using Docudesk's deskPDF, these conditions are not happening. Thanks for a great product that actually works well.

My new Docudesk deskUNPDF Pro paid for itself 15 minutes after I bought it! Thanks again!

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I have been looking for a way to convert some non-Adobe PDF documents into an .xls format and found you while searching. I love this product!!! It is simple to use and converts all my PDF documents in a matter of seconds. I have spent hours manually entering data into an Excel spreadsheet; now I can convert the data and simply sort through the data with ease. I will definitely let everyone know about your great product!

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