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Studio X handled every task with ease in our tests, though we really only scratched the surface of this powerful toolkit's capabilities... While Studio X probably can't replace Acrobat in every situation or environment, it belongs on top of the short list of affordable alternatives.

DeskUNPDF for Mac from Docudesk is a very easy to use utility that converts Adobe PDF files into a modifiable form. You can edit, rearrange, add, or delete text, plus place tabular data into Excel spread sheets. You can also export the embedded graphics.

Free and fairly full-featured editor PDFVue ... lets anyone add images, sticky notes, links, shapes, and more to forms and documents.

I was thrilled with the ease of install, configuration and use of deskPDF Professional TS. The product appears mature, with many features requested by end users. I found docuDesk Professional TS to create PDF files of equal quality to those created with Acrobat Professional, while using significantly less system resources, allowing for better scalability and end user user experience. deskPDF Professional TS offers advanced PDF creation capabilities, enterprise scalability and centralized management for a fraction of the cost of Acrobat Professional.

deskUNPDF from Docudesk® is a PDF converter that lets you edit PDF documents when updating is necessary or when you want to reuse PDF content in other forms. The program quickly converts the entire document, including all the images, lines, and hyperlinks, and offers the most accurate choice of fonts while maintaining the text layout from the document being converted. With deskUNPDF, you convert PDFs to an editable DOC (Word) or TXT (text) format, and it will even convert PDFs that were created with Visio, CAD, or Quick-Books programs.

Docudesk's new deskUNPDF takes PDF conversion to the next level. Where many PDF conversion tools fail to accurately convert the entire document, deskUNPDF handles all the images, lines, fonts, and special treatments such as hyperlinks.

deskUNPDF promotes the accuracy and consistency of its conversions, cheaper than Acrobat, and offers quick and easy PDF creation. Either way, paper better watch its back.

Features include 60 standard page sizes, auto settings and quick profiles of often used settings. Users can apply watermarks, stamps, and letterhead to documents, as well as create bookmarks and tables of contents, and insert hyperlinks.

Accutext placement technology determines the best font, size and other parameter impacting appearances and allows files to be dragged onto the conversion icon or opened directly from Word from within deskUNPDF. PDFs can be saved as .doc or .text, rotated and prompted for passwords.

We used deskUNPDF on a complex newsletter created with Adobe Illustrator and saved as a PDF. It converted the newsletter to a Word document with just a single click.

This program allows you to drag most document files to the icon and drop them, and the program instantly turns the document into a PDF file. PDFs are a universal format and are very popular with businesses. Ordinarily, you would use Adobe Acrobat software to create such files. But Acrobat costs $ 299 for the full version. The beauty of deskPDF is that it costs a tenth of Acrobat. Amazingly, the program does quite a bit for so little money. It converted most of the files I tried quickly and easily, and they all looked sharp.

deskUNPDF does exactly what you'd expect it to do. It takes PDF documents and puts them back into Word or plain text so you can edit it. I opened Word and "UNDPFed" a PDF document I made from a web page. In a few seconds (very few seconds) Docudesk had turned the PDF file into an editable Word document. What gets me even more excited is Docudesk's deskPDF. This tools makes your PDF creation experience come to life.

Docudesk’s deskPDF Professional v2.5 delivers easy-to-usePDF creation to every desktop with advanced features in a cost-effective, deployable solution. In one step, users can create a secure, feature rich, portable PDF fully compatible with Adobe’s Acrobat Reader.

The application itself installs as a printer so to print whatever you want to PDF simply print the deskPDF printer; a couple of clicks later, and you’ll have a PDF that you can send. It’s really just that easy. Another nice feature is the Convert with deskPDF shortcut that the program places on your desktop. Instead of printing to the deskPDF printer, as mentioned above, you can easily drag whatever item you want turned into a PDF onto the shortcut.

Creating PDF files has never been easier with DeskPDF Professional. Why spend $300 buck for Adobe Acrobat when you have an alternative like DeskPDF Professional. The program is simple to use. Simply install. And best of all affordable for all with first class support.

Docudesk offers free 24-hour technical support with all of its deskPDF programs, even trial versions. The company also touts its $40 deskUNPDF program, which restores PDFs to Word documents for editing purposes, one of the features also found in Adobe’s $450 product.

...The application doesn't cost much, and its single-dialog-box operation has a Zen-like minimalism that other programs can't match....if you're like most users, deskPDF gives you all you need.

deskUNPDF Professional is a sleek-looking program matched by its intuitive and effective interface. This program will have users effortlessly converting their files thanks to its simplicity and direction. This program has a beautiful design that lives up to its professional billing.